A Tale of
Suits vs



Is Finance

Technology has propelled our world forward – offering efficiencies, convenience and speed. But our financial system lags behind, burdened by outdated processes that are slow, expensive and inefficient.

It's about time Suits and Hoodies merged their styles, don't you think?


There’s a crucial intersection of TradFi and DeFi. A world where the suits and the hoodies converge to solve the inefficiencies in traditional finance. The suits bring legal experience, regulatory understanding and well-established processes fine-tuned over centuries. The hoodies embody the trailblazing spirit of innovation, with their cutting-edge technology, onchain savviness, and vision for a better system.

Perspectives from suits
aho vs hoodies

We asked the suits & hoodies to find out how to fix finance. What are the core pillars that need to be improved? And how can tokenization and onchain finance help?

"The onboarding of real-world assets is going to be the most exciting spot in crypto financing and DeFi. The way to think about it is not in billions, but trillions."

Chuck Mounts
S&P Global

"At the end of the day, if we want to have an open, global, accessible economy, decentralization is the key enabling factor."

Jesse Pollak

"We think about how to serve the digitally native investors who are  onchain today in a way to help them manage risk and lead to positive long-term outcomes."

Anthony Bassili

"Suits need our rebellion to ship good products. Permissionless products. It will not be a straight line. We gotta show some flex. Give and and take on both sides. Permissioned to get to permissionless."

Sébastien Derivaux
Steakhouse Financial

"It all comes down to Trust - Safety and Soundness, Consumer Protection, KYC/KYB and the adherence to both federal and state regulations."

Bill Papp
Arival Bank

"Verify, don’t trust. When anyone with an internet connection can verify the value backing their money and have access to financial data 24/7, there is less room for human error and manipulation."

Jennifer Senhaji

Chronicle Labs

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